• TBC Bank Fotografie: UN Studio
  • Ambition: constructing an optimal work environment that matches the desired new way of working

    The new TBC HQ (designed by UNStudio), in Tbilisi, Georgia, will be finished in the last quarter of 2024. It will be a uniquely designed landmark building with a contemporary, flexible, and open working environment, prepared for new ways of hybrid working. The aim is to truly connect people and to achieve much more engagement. The new building and workspace represent a transformational phase towards a new beginning: a new environment, new rules, new interactions etc. Modern surroundings with lots of green, functional furniture and comfortable spaces where motivated people work hard in a creative space, drinking their coffees, engaging with each other. A place where parking is no issue, employees can use a well-equipped gym, enjoy good food and nice lounge areas; everything to ensure that they are able to perform better, be happy and productive.

    Role YNNO: a creative consultancy partner from concept to styling of the hybrid working model

    Gvantsa Murghvliani, Head of Human Capital Management Department TBC: “What really stood out for us was the way YNNO was prepared and organized. During our reference tour in Amsterdam, they took us to some very interesting companies. YNNO is a relatively small company, but we sensed this was a very special project for them and we truly felt a connection and strong dedication. That is why we chose them as our reliable partner in this intense and difficult journey.”

    YNNO initiated an extensive investigation into both the existing and desired way of working to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the new office space will be used in the future. They conducted interviews and a workstyle analysis, organized employee journey workshops on location, sent out an extensive survey and had a session with the Board of Directors. Keti Tagvadze, HR business partner TBC: “We have included the wishes of the employees in every step of the process. Together with the Marketing department we will update them regularly and keep them involved. Everyone is very excited about this new beginning.”
    In YNNO’s case, it was also somewhat of a fresh start, as they had never undertaken such a project abroad.

    Pieter: “We had never been to Georgia. It was an eye-opener to find we have a lot of similarities in working culture and ethics, which enabled us to use our experience to create the right atmosphere for the people to learn, develop, connect, and work for TBC. It was also very interesting to see that the challenges they face concerning new ways of working are actually the same ones we encounter in the Netherlands or in Europe all together. For example, finding the right (young) people as a growing organization and facilitate them, but also keeping the current employees engaged through learning and development. Because those ‘struggles’ are well known to us, we were able to respond to them quite easily.”

    However, one challenge that is very specific to this case, is the infrastructure. Tbilisi is a fast-growing economy, but the infrastructure is not equipped for these rapid developments. The building is situated just outside the city centre and requires a different way of traveling to work. Getting there might be an obstacle. Keti: “We intend to work with city hall and maybe subsidize transportation. The HQ is located in a growing part of the city and our TBC building might attract other companies as well, so hopefully this will encourage them to improve public transport.”

    ‘The entire journey with this team, each step, and every part, was very interesting and informative. YNNO really helped us to think big. They are also a very customer-centric company, because of their punctuality, communication, and performance.
    It has been a pleasure working with them.’
    – Keti Tagvadze, HR business partner


    Result: an exemplary building and workspace for the Tbilisi region and beyond

    A few examples of the key principles that will be incorporated in the new ways of working concept: employees will spend two or three days at the office, there will be no more personal desks (except for the special arrangements concerning confidential work), people will have access to study and phone booths and a variety of open and enclosed ‘zones’ (focus, collaboration, Zoom). There will be essentials facilities on each floor and creating a healthy, stimulating environment for happy, productive employees is crucial.
    Bart: “We managed to get a better understanding of the Georgian culture very quickly with the help of Keti and Gvantsa. They told us all about traditions, how things are structured, how people interact and cope with certain work aspects etc.

    We were able to translate those cultural elements into a new workplace concept.” What made the collaboration extra special, is that it was truly a joint effort. Pieter: “The entire team actively contributed to the project, and everyone was very eager to learn. We gave a few nudges so that they can continue with the process. I truly believe they can outperform themselves making this whole project an example for us to look at new ways of working, also in a digital way.”
    Gvantsa adds: “This project is very important for TBC, not only for Georgia but also for many other companies. Our aim to achieve international success is widely recognized. This building will serve as the landmark headquarters for the new TBC international group. 2024 marks a crucial milestone that we really look forward to.”

    ‘YNNO’s distinctive contribution in terms of project management spans across the entire project. Literally everything was new to us, there were so many important details we didn’t even think about. YNNO’s approach was very welcome and helpful. We believe this level of expertise is unparalleled within our country.’
    – Gvantsa Murghvliani, Head of Human Capital Management Department