The Goal

With the renovation of its main office in The Hague, Aegon’s ambition is not only to bring order to its accommodation, but more than anything to create a working environment suitable for top level performance.

Together, YNNO and Twynstra Gudde were given the assignment of providing advice regarding the development of a new way of working in a work environment where visibility, cooperation and knowledge sharing are the main spearheads. An inspiring physical and virtual work environment is considered to be the enabler of a new way of working.

The role of YNNO

YNNO and Twynstra Gudde have accompanied both Aegon Nederland and Aegon Group, from the very concept till the ultimate realisation of the entire spectrum of accommodation, technology, behaviour and identity. Activities that have been conducted by us include support for the board of directors with regard to vision development, work analysis, development of workspace concepts, safeguarding vision, drafting a program of demands, project management, change management as well as evaluation after the move.

The result

The result is a work environment that people are proud of. The original objectives were achieved:

  • The new work environment emphasises the cooperation and connection between people and departments: one Aegon.
  • Meeting and interaction is facilitated by the fact that various forms of consultations are possible, and people meet each other automatically. Work has become visible.
  • The concept guarantees the flexibility to meet a changing organisation, projects are accommodated appropriately.
  • Place and time independent working is possible, so that employees decide for themselves when and where they will work.