The ambition

Rotterdam City Council is also in the process of migrating to a new way of working known as HNW010. the process is aimed at smarter collaboration and better knowledge sharing, which should ultimately result in a better product for the people of Rotterdam. Combining 7,000 civil servants in four office locations is part of this new way of working. A new physical work environment also requires a certain adjustment in working practices on the part of those working in the building.

The roleĀ of YNNO

In order to support managers and staff in the best possible way in their new physical work environment, YNNO worked with the city council on a training programme aimed at the specific target group. This included customisation for teams, managers and staff. Fewer activities outside the workplace and more individual support where it’s needed: at the employee’s own workstation. We talk to managers and decide together where their needs lie. We take the time to find out from employees what they think of their new work environment and where they need support.

The result

The programme team delivers customised support. Immediately after the move, we focused on identifying any issues with the planned office concept. Through intensive contact with the various teams, we know exactly where the concept is inadequate. There’s now more scope for customisation in the office concept too. And lessons learned were formulated in order to makes things more efficient in the next phase of this major transformation.