• The goal

    With GVB-Next, GVB started a culturechange. A new working environment that contributes to strategic objectives. GVB wants to be the best transporter of Amsterdam, belong to one of the best employers of the Netherlands, utilize without subsidy and realise a million movements a day. The new working environment contributes to losing the old and stimulate a new work culture.

    The role of YNNO

    GVB asked YNNO to help with implementation of the concept for the new work environment in its head office. Together with the management team, we gave shape to the vision and objectives for the new way of working in the form of clear guiding principles for the work environment. YNNO then helped GVB with the development and implementation of the office concept. YNNO was responsible for Programme Management of the entire (re-) design of the work environment. In conjunction with GVB’s internal project office, YNNO selected the interior designer and drew up the Statement of Requirements. The various lots were put out to tender in consultation with Procurement. We also supported staff in the move to the new work environment and focused strongly on internal communications, in order to ensure that the transition to the new work environment went smoothly.

    The result

    A change in culture in a day! Immediately following the move, employees were able to locate each other more easily, interaction and knowledge sharing increased and the atmosphere in the office improved. The previous environment had lots of individual rooms, a low rate of occupancy, little variety of meeting places and antiquated ICT. The new work environment is a breath of fresh air. The management is also fully engaged with the new way of working. The new work environment helps GVB move on from its old mindset, makes it an attractive employer and facilitates the new culture.