• The Ambition

    The new work environment is aimed at mutual cooperation, informal meetings, shared moments of creativity and visibility of both work and employees, also outside the standard working hours. The office was made more flexible to meet movements in accommodation and organisational changes. In the new office of Group, various types of working spots can be found, used by the employees according to the tasks of the day. Various working patterns are supported optimally by the new work environment. The work environment in its totality exudes transparency, openness and dynamics.

    The role of YNNO

    YNNO and Twynstra Gudde have accompanied both Aegon Nederland and Aegon Group, from the very concept till the ultimate realisation of the entire spectrum of accommodation, technology, behaviour and identity. The activities that have been conducted by us include support during vision development, work analysis, development of workspace concepts in close cooperation with OTH (interior designer), safeguarding vision, drafting a program of demands, accommodation project management and evaluation after the move.

    The result

    The work environment exudes class and internationality. Aegon Group had been temporarily accommodated in another building, which upon its return enabled her to reap the fruits of Aegon Nederland’s experience. The result is a fully renovated main office, including adaption to the installations, the ICT infrastructure and the necessary sustainability measures. A multifunctional project area has offered a solution for a problem that had been there for years, namely dealing with a constantly changing need for space of the external accountant.

    Rob van Rijn (Aegon Group): “Ynno’s capable approach has resulted in a work environment Aegon is genuinely proud of.”