VU University Amsterdam wanted to design its foyer and public facilities in such a way that they become a showpiece for the university and its values. Highlighting its identity and making visitors feel welcome. Making clear to visitors and personnel alike, that this isa place where teaching was delivered and science was put into practice.

YNNO was taske to liaison between the project (the architect, OTH Amsterdam, and the Project Office) and Facilities.

TheĀ rolesĀ of YNNO

YNNO assisted with implementation of the foyer area and public facilities in consultation with all the parties involved.

Our work included: identifying the requirements of users, which included in particular the multi-functional use of furniture, supporting the design team, monitoring user requirements, generating support among the parties involved and helping users in their new work environment.


The result is a foyer that VU can be proud of. The original objectives have been achieved:

  • The foyer is inviting and hospitable, a showcase for VU University.
  • Study work stations have been installed in the foyer.
  • There are excellent WiFi connections in all parts of the foyer.
  • The furniture is designed to be is multi-functional.
  • Transparent environment through a clear connection between inside and out.

‘We’re delighted. Finally, we’ve transformed the foyer from a thoroughfare into a place to spend time in.’