• The goal

    Within the Municipality of Amsterdam there is a great interest in new ways of working. The main aim is to work more up-to-date within the central and decentralised offices of the municipality itself. The rationale is to create a more sustainable use of the budgets, to create better collaboration between departments and to modernize the way of working.

    The role of YNNO

    YNNO has been active the last several years on multiple projects and studies for the Municipality of Amsterdam on new ways of working. We helped departments to realign their real estate plans for integrating office buildings into a new strategy. We helped another department to work in a digital way to support their time and place independency of their new office concept. We formulated their digital work strategy, made implementation plans and performed quality control for their management team. We also conducted several reavaluations on their office reallocation plans by analysing in detail how they work and proposed alternative ways of reallocations based on qualitative and quantitative measures. This led to well informed investment decisions made by the management team and city council.

    The Result

    The performance improvements within the Municipality of Amsterdam were planned and realized by delivering higher quality workplaces with lower costs. From an employee and management perspective the current work patterns are better supported which has yielded returns through better service delivery within the organization and better retention of personnel.