People make the difference

YNNO has been helping guides organisations large and small with workflow management and digital working for many years. Our clients include Van Oord, the Royal Household, the King’s Office and Nationale Nederlanden. As a rule, the work we do involves complex implementations.



We develop a thoroughwith and understanding of your work before wetranslate it into clear, centralised and recognisable structures and agreements. Your processes and information are generated in the right place where they are, and will remain, readily accessible to the right people. That way, you jump from ‘my information’ to ‘our work’. Compartments are broken down, teams and colleagues can work on documents simultaneously and, share and expand on each ideas from each other and learn from comments. They can work online on the same documents. Information is readily available within your central structure, from the digital source. Everyone is on the same page and is working with up-to-date information, confident knowingthat the file will always be there, in its entirety, at the click of a button. Creativity and productivity in an instant. YNNO ensures, through the guidance it offers, that IT is far more than just technology: your work goes digital and is made available to your colleagues.


Specialist op het gebied van digitaal werken

Digital working versus New Way of Working

In every project where new ways of working play a role, consideration is given to paperless working, mobile working, the digitisation of files, the use of laptops and WiFi, videoconferencing and audiovisual resources. YNNO advises organisations and helps them make choices which give meaning to their ideas, so they can then be implemented.