Nick Lettink

Nick is as a professional workplace strategist primarily involved in projects with a focus on strategy development, workplace- and work style analysis and on the development of workplace concepts.

Nick is driven by a great passion for ‘Work’ and everything that affects it. By reasoning from broad social developments and future perspectives and making this practically applicable, he tries to help organizations to a higher level of performance. This as a coach, program manager or consultant.

He deals with long-term housing strategies as well as the development of integral work concepts. In addition, his focus is on managing the associated (change) processes so that optimum use is made of the organization’s capacity for change. Nick works best in complex environments where he can translate a coaching or managing program role into a future-oriented way of working and implement it.

He is analytically strong and his ability to structure complex issues make him broadly applicable. Whether the issue is in education, government, healthcare or business. With his energy and passion for the field, Nick inspires young and old with his active contribution to various knowledge circles and during lectures at various universities and colleges.

Nick Lettink
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