Monique de Wert

Project & process manager with broad business experience. Works at the intersection of business processes and IT and takes ownership for achieving the end result. Actively involves the various stakeholders. Enjoys working in teams, knows how to motivate others with enthusiasm and dynamism. And puts employees in their power.

In my years in the business (financial) sector, I have gained extensive and diverse experience in project, process and change management, especially around business and IT. I led project teams and transitions and also managed line departments.

‘Knocking down’ complex issues, and ensuring an effective project approach so that results are actually achieved, that’s what I’m all about. I love working in complex work environments and working with/in teams on overview, optimization and clear work processes. And all in good coordination with all stakeholders.

The team at YNNO has all kinds of backgrounds and expertise. The open working environment at YNNO is also very pleasant, everywhere is a place you can meet. A great place to meet, work (together) and learn from each other.

I am looking forward to helping various organizations from YNNO to optimize and digitize processes in (agile) work environments.

Monique de Wert
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