Menno Polman

The increasing speed of our work demands different competencies from employees and flexible composition of teams and organizational units. This places different demands on the real estate. A renewal of the working environment is sometimes a necessity, but also a unique opportunity to facilitate a change in the organization.

For most companies this is not a core activity, but it is an important condition for an organization to be able to operate. The right building and services can play an important role in achieving the business objectives, both financially and strategically. Such projects involve the necessary risks and requires specific expertise. In order to achieve this, an integral approach to the project is a must. At YNNO we approach projects integrally by not only analyzing the bricks, but we also have attention for the digital and behavioral aspects to make the project and the change successful. 

I’m always looking for the added value of housing and services.  I have an eye for the possible benefits and costs, but also for the support from the departments. As a result, the housing, the workplace concept and the services will be a lever for the change instead of an obstacle”.

My name is Menno Polman, I guide and advise clients in defining, designing, realizing and using their work environment. This can be in the redevelopment, renovation or new construction of the housing. My goal is to contribute to a better world by creating sustainable, healthy and adaptive working environments where the client can achieve their ambitions. To let the beauty of the project come to life after the plans and concepts is for me the greatest motivation in my work. 

Menno Polman
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