Harold Koops van ‘t Jagt

Harold Koops van ‘t Jagt is senior consultant and project manager at YNNO.

Working together with the business and IT teams to create value, twofold; value from the customer and value for the customer. I am energized by the dynamics within these playing fields. Stakeholder management, planning, but especially connecting teams and putting them in their power draw me. Creating a basis of trust and transparency, serving strategy. Furthermore, I like to be involved from A to Z in (the realization of) a process and I would rather try ten things and adjust three, than that there is endless deliberation and in the end we do not manage to create value.

Because of my educated background in Human Technology I also bring a piece of extra knowledge regarding product development and usability, which makes it possible for me to also play a role in development of a product or process.
I hope I have piqued your interest. I would be happy to come over for coffee, to explain our expertise and to explore together whether your request for expertise and our knowledge and experience could be a match.

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