Bart van Roekel

Experiment well and fail masterfully

The world of work is changing, perhaps faster than ever in recent years. Every organization will have to follow these changes to maintain its unique right to exist. Moving towards a new way of working is for many organizations a (medium) long term trajectory. In my opinion, the current continuous changes also require a more agile approach. What can you tackle tomorrow?

Bart (1992) is characterized by his spontaneity and action orientated approach. From the role of consultant or (integral) project manager, Bart searches for the perfect match between the employees’ ideal way of working and the organization’s ambitions. By tackling this as a team player, employees can work not only for but also on their own organization.

Bart has experience in drawing up long-term housing strategies and developing integral work concepts as well as developing change processes to a new way of working.

Bart van Roekel
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