Attaining behavioural change is not only the most important but also the most difficult aspect of implementing new ways of working. The most important because human behaviour is the factor that determines to the greatest extent the results an organisation achieves. The most difficult because you can’t change people’s behaviour in the same pragmatic way as you can change the built environment, facilities and ICT systems.

People respond far less rationally to changes in their environment than pragmatically oriented project, programme and change managers would like. The conventional approach to change doesn’t have to be thrown out all together but it does have to be adjusted. For example: when ┬ácommunicating with people, spend less time and money on sending information and more on asking and listening. Whatever the situation, there is always a ┬ábud of new behaviour on which you can foster and develop. YNNO changes behaviour as part of a new way of working, not by rolling out a change programme but by enhancing your organisation’s capacity for change. We do this by bringing the relevant areas of behavioural change expertise together in a change platform:

  1. Coaching: individual coaching of teams and first-line management to help them interpret the new way of working in a way that is relevant to them.
  2. Communication: improving the ability of managers and employees to take on the responsibility by informing them about the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of the new way of working.
  3. Practical support: enabling people in a hands-on manner to tackle the issues associated with the transition to a new way of working.
  4. Adaptation of HR processes: to support and embed the change.
  5. Training: devising and delivering training programmes and creating the right conditions to ensure that the results of the trainingcan actually be put into practice.