YNNO (pronounced: you know) is the consulting firm for new ways of working which helps you realize your organizational ambitions and achieve new levels of performance.

Together with you we develop an innovative strategy, a successful implementation plan and give you the assurance of sustainable outcomes. Our passion for your organization and our profession brings fresh ideas and inspiration to your people that imparts enthusiasm and brings them together in a way that encourages them to embrace change.

People come first, and our clients’ success proves that. Your organization will benefit from expertise grounded in years of experience and passion in specific subject areas that support new ways of working such as workplace strategies, work analysis, IT, human talent, and integrating in-house organizational knowledge.

We are always learning from our clients, and bring that knowledge to bear in your organization. This means our approach is always evolving and stays on the cutting edge.

To support this learning we are active in scientific research and regularly study the world for inspiration and insight. We also cultivate opportunities for networking with clients and colleagues, in which learning and knowledge development are central.

Your organization may find inspiration for your new way of working by looking at some case studies where we have worked with other clients to create meaningful impact, and see the results you can achieve when work, IT and environment are aligned.