Tosca Notkamp

After spending six months researching optimal hybrid collaboration at YNNO, I started as a trainee in September 2022. Besides my traineeship, I am following the (pre)master in Policy, Communication and Organization. I discovered that my interest lies in change projects, where the challenge lies in keeping the user satisfied and making them even more satisfied. YNNO is the perfect place to delve deeper into this subject, and to learn from the different project phases a project goes through.

As a team player, I find that I am able to close the gap between different stakeholders. Because I am easily approachable, conversations arise that can be relevant to the future of a project.

At YNNO, all facets are present among my colleagues to ensure that various types of projects are managed properly. By being curious and proactive, I hope to learn a lot from the colleagues around me!

Tosca Notkamp
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