Linda Mostert

I am a consultant in Behaviour & Change at YNNO.

I  believe that work should give you energy. The way of working, the working environment and the technology can be help with this. Often there is a need for organisational change. I help people to make a positive change in their behaviour and achieve their ambitions. I approach the inherent behavioural challenges on the basis of theories from the behavioural science field. Change doesn’t happen by itself. It isn’t natural, rational or plannable. And often unrealistic ambitions and obstacles add on to the difficulty. These ambitions and obstacles ask for appropriate measure and guidance, and this is where I come in. I can help these organisations reach their desired potential. My basic belief is:

‘Just make a start. Small behaviours help you to learn. They can grow out to become your habits and lead to significant change’.

I value my colleagues highly. Within YNNO I help guide younger colleagues in the field of work. With my other very smart, experienced colleagues I develop knowledge and practical applications. I also help organisations with (follow up) missions concerning cooperation, leadership and personal efficiency. Sometimes I sharin knowledge online or in presentations, where others can contribute to- or benefit from it.

In short, my job is fantastic. I proudly contribute to a society where people can enjoy work and also have energy left for other important things. This is my way of ‘energizing work’.

Linda Mostert
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