Frederik van Steenbergen

“Whoever can share, can multiply.”

Frederik is specialized in new ways of working. With a feeling for the impact of the work environment on people’s behaviour, he guides organizations, departments, managers and employees. Initially in vision creation, and then using this vision to define the project.

He does this in the role of process or program manager, trainer or consultant. He primarily steers the integral, holistic approach to projects, taking both housing and people’s behaviour, and the digital working environment into consideration. He tackles complicated situations in an ingenious way and, as a result, always comes up with the ‘alternative’. Frederik studied architecture as well as construction management & real estate management at the Delft University of Technology.

‘I help organizations realize a new working environment. With the sense of purpose that comes with Krav Maga and the strategic thinking of a chess player, I challenge the organization. I use the work environment as an instrument to change the organization. No culture change program can compete with that.’

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