Anne Zandberg

Work has always been one of the most defining aspects of the world we live in. It shapes individuals, creates organizations and builds societies. Today, powerful trends like digitalization, globalization and global warming profoundly affect the way we work. For example, the continued development of smart technologies has instigated the ‘second machine age’, in which advanced automation and algorithms are capable of surpassing human performance in countless tasks. These developments offer a lot of new opportunities to create value and solve public issues in a more efficient manner. But without a proper strategy, these trends will lead to increased disparity between those people and organizations who are able to adapt to change and those that don’t have the resources to do so.

I am Anne Zandberg. It is my ambition to help organizations and individuals navigate through these trends, by helping them to match the way they shape their work and organizations to these trends. So that we can continue to build a brighter future, together. YNNO offers me the opportunity to build on this ambition, and therefore, I am proud to be part of this organization!

Anne Zandberg
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