YNNO is expert at implementing new concepts and providing support to organisations. Making sure the organisation gets off to a good start in its new premises by ensuring that the move goes smoothly and all the facilities in the new location are working effectively is a key part of this process. It all begins with thorough preparation: finding the ideal zone plan for the new location and identifying the moves that will be required.

Relocation is a complex business which involves a wide range of different factors. It’s not only the people who have to be relocated, their belongings and the ICT infrastructure also have to be transferred to the new location. In addition, there’s often a need for temporary accommodation during the refurbishment process, which means an additional move. Based on the space plan and the zone plan, we decide together with you and, where appropriate, the organisation, who will go where. We identify any special requirements, draw up a schedule and brief the removals firm. We make sure your people are inconvenienced as little as possible by the move and that they get a warm welcome in their new place of work.

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