Scrum walls, daily stand-ups and planning poker: just a few Scrum terms that are used in many a workplace. An agile approach makes for motivated teams, greater efficiency and, consequently, lower costs. Ultimately, this makes for happier customers. Assuming you do it properly, of course.

That’s where YNNO can help. Our project managers are experienced in delivery of agile projects. Sometimes in conjunction with conventional waterfall methods, because a fully agile approach isn’t possible in every environment.

What is Agile?

Agile means flexible. It allows projects to respond to circumstances in a controlled way, allowing them to deliver better products more quickly.

According to the Agile Manifesto, the following factors are key to product development:

  • Individuals and interactions
  • Working  software
  • Customer collaboration
  • Responding to change

The advantage of this adaptive approach is that risks are addressed early on in the project and are therefore easier controlled. Complex projects in particular benefit from this way of working – although not all project managers who encounter Agile for the first time would agree. We however are well accustomed to agile development and will happily help you implement this change.

Since the multi-disciplinary teams involved in Agile projects have a great deal of responsibility for and commitment to the end product, they also have a greater sense of job satisfaction. Evidence shows agile teams laugh more. Or well, laugh plenty. Work that produces more results and is more fun: that’s what YNNO likes to see.


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