Information technology related to the built environment is an essential factor in the success of a workplace concept. From an ICT perspective, it’s important to develop a vision and strategy that enables mobile working. This vision and strategy focus on the following areas:

  • Personal equipment such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops and thin clients.
  • Connectivity such as WiFi, wiring and Internet connections.
  • Audiovisual resources such as beamers, TVs and wireless presentations.
  • Print, scan and copy functions.
  • Reservation systems for meeting rooms.
  • Presentation of the corporate identity and the display of relevant information through digital signage.
  • Building management systems, including access control, parking management and climate control.

Taking an integrated approach to these areas allows you to select a clever mix of technology which offers real added value to users, whether they be employees or guests. YNNO has a wealth of experience in consultancy, contracting and implementation support in these fields.

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