Streamlining processes and workflow with business process management.

Delivering the best service to your client, quickly and efficiently, with the press of a button – while having all the data you need to carry out your transactions, at the right moment and in the right context. This can be more than just music to your ears. Business process management, also known as case management or case-oriented working, makes this all possible in practice.

Business process management is a form of process management in a software environment that ensures that the work moves from one employee or department to another in an automated manner, using the resources available within the organisation. All information about a particular case can be drawn from various systems, with no extensive knowledge of these systems needed.

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Why business process management?

Process management and optimal process design ensure:

  • fast and effective handling of client demands
  • efficient working methods and (internal) collaboration
  • easy auditing, with fewer errors
  • efficient structuring of your organisation through a new way of working
  • continuous process improvement (since everything is measurable at all times)
  • alignment with the digitisation of society

Once upon a time, there was a client request…

Imagine that an insurance company receives a request from a client to buy or pay out an insurance policy. To handle this request, several systems must often be accessed, even though the data being entered are frequently the same. In other words, the work has to be done at least twice. Effective process management ensures that you can link all these systems and all this information together. After identifying the client, you can see at a glance all his or her personal details and the corresponding products which he or she has taken out. You can then use this form of business process management to find all the data and information needed to accommodate his or her request. Depending on the client’s request, the underlying systems will subsequently be updated and follow-up tasks will be defined for e.g. a payment order.

Process management ensures a better workflow

Efficient process management improves workflow. Several employees may be involved in handling a single request from a client. Business process management determines all subsequent actions and assigns tasks, so that the request will proceed to the next colleague in line as soon as an employee has completed his or her part of the work. The business rules and business logic required for this are embedded in the design, specifying which tasks are transferred when, when the job is finished and when it is time for an audit.

An increasingly digital world

Business process management is a logical next step in the continued digitisation of society. Examples include reduced paperwork and the convenience of online shopping, but there is much more to it than just that. If a client calls from a known mobile number, then you as an organisation can use this information and anticipate the request. Perhaps he or she purchased a particular product the week before. In that case, it is highly likely that this is what the client is calling about, and the phone call can then immediately be forwarded to the appropriate employee. Furthermore, if you know the client’s age, line of work or whether or not he or she has children, you can also use business process management to determine the so-called next best actions. Based on all the data at your disposal, you will have a clear picture of how your organisation can best serve each client.

Implementing business process management

Business process management is ideal for organisations whose activities involve a high level of administrative work, such as insurance companies, all types of call centres, banks, government authorities, etc. YNNO helps clients in analysing their request, assessing and identifying work processes and detecting bottlenecks. After that, the next step is to determine whether these can be solved with business process management. Sometimes, other software packages are more suitable for a particular solution, or the best option might be a combination of both.

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New way of working

Optimal service for the client, a fast and efficient working method for employees and an excellent tool for directors and management to better monitor business operations and change the structure of the organisation if necessary. The introduction of business process management always implies a new way of working. YNNO involves clients in this process and at the same time aims to establish a new way of thinking about work itself.

Many employees still think in terms of ‘departments’ and ‘teams’, in which the process and the client are not the central focus. Managers and directors think of ‘presence’ rather than ‘result-oriented performance’. Ultimately, companies benefit more from being managed based on the latter. If you and your employee agree on a result of 20 client enquiries processed each day, then – in principle – it doesn’t matter where and when the employee does this. Of course, such an approach must fit in with the company culture. Through hands-on training as well as sessions focused on changing attitudes and behaviour, YNNO prepares organisations for business process management.

YNNO as a partner for business process management

YNNO is able to thoroughly analyse and understand work processes and determine what is needed in combination with the right technology. We have already gained extensive experience with the business process management software of Pega, Appian and Bluerid.

We exemplify an intrinsic interest in understanding the client and the work that is carried out. We create a process management design in which processes are restructured. But our advice doesn’t stop there. We enjoy the challenge of working together with the client to implement the solutions we have come up with, and work processes are never finished. Implementing a business process management tool instantly equips you with a measurement instrument; through trial and error, you immediately see where in the process you can incorporate improvements. We support organisations in this process as well.

Want to know more about business process management?

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