• The Goal

    Shell Real Estate has ambitious goals to further optimize their current work environments. Better functionality for employees, more efficient usage of the offices and uniformity of their work environment are important aspects of the Shell Works program. An international blueprint is developed to make the work environments smarter and with better usage. Shell has the ambition to implement the Shell Works guidelines worldwide in their offices.

    The role of YNNO

    Since 2004 YNNO works for Shell in the Shell Works projects. YNNO assisted the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) in Assen with concept development and user acceptance of the new way of working. Employees were directly involved in the development of their own floor plans and were instructed how to use the new work environment including the digital work tools.

    For the new Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam YNNO was involved as change managers in the project organization to realize the best quality in implementing the new way of working with the users measured by a high level of acceptance.

    YNNO worked on the work environment concept itself and introduced this to the users. During the project monitoring of user acceptance took place and policies and procedures were made to guide the proper use of this new work environment.

    In Rijswijk at the Shell Exploration & Production International Centre YNNO was asked to evaluate their new dynamic working concept. Improvement proposals were made to the management to take these on in new pilot projects.

    The result

    With the Shell Works program the organisation realises a better and smarter work environment for their employees combined with an efficient usage of the offices. The program also realises a recognizable and, from a quality standpoint, standardized work environment to support the international usage of their premises.