The Goal

Van Oord is an independent private World-class hydraulic engineering company which operates worldwide on dredging, marine and offshore projects. Prestigious projects like the artificial Palm Islands at the Dubai coast are the corporate showcase. Collaboration and sharing knowledge is very important in the execution of projects. In very large and complex projects like the Van Oord projects it’s extra valuable already in the project initiation phase. Therefore Van Oord decided to innovate their digital work environment by adding document management functionality for the entire organization.

The role of YNNO

In the Shared@work project of Van Oord, YNNO took the responsibility for the operational project and change management of the implementation. YNNO also delivered the expertise for testing and acceptance of the document management technology and supported the end-users in the implementation phase on the work floor through training and coaching. The implementation is a large project and consist of multiple and phased implementations in the different departments and businesses of Van Oord.

The Result

Van Oord realized quality improvements in working with digital documents. Project documents are centrally stored, managed and made accessible to the users. Users work in a digital, more uniform way as an important quality aspect of this implementation. Besides these quality improvements, Van Oord also complies in a better way to the increasing requirements of their clients on document control and information security.