The Goal

ING has the goal to be the best in serving clients and intermediaries. To accomplish this goal, ING undertook an ambitious program to convert old, paper-based insurance processes into new, digital supported processes. The aim is to make the insurance services better, cheaper and faster.

The role of YNNO

Consultants and program managers of YNNO have been working over the years on implementing workflow management, electronic archives, supply chain integration, operational and performance management and the introduction of new insurance products through new channels.

The focus of the YNNO assignments was on better operations and IT. Recently YNNO was asked to lead a program to implement all insurance back office processes with highly innovative Business Process Management systems. This make possible an efficient business integration of all of ING’s insurance activities through standardization and maximum alignment of these processes.

The Result

With the use of new technologies of imaging, workflow, electronic archiving, straight-through-processing and portals ING realized substantial performance improvements of more than 20% in their operations.

With the introduction of an extranet, Nationale-Nederlanden (ING’s premium insurance brand) fully automated. 80% of their car insurance sales. New products are successfully aligned in the same way for further significant improvements in speed and cost.